by Anyah Dishon

At this time of transformation and purifi cation we have many opportunities to uplift Ignorance to Wisdom; Pov-erty to Wealth, Desolation to Abundant Seed, Death to Life, Subjugation to Balanced Dominance, War to Peace, and Wretchedness to Grace. The seven blockages of Mary Magdalene, mentioned in the Holy Scriptures were stricken from her and this creation, by that of the Elohim Creator Lord, Ha Shem Iesu Jehoshua Va Shem, Jesus.
They were specifi cally transformed in the vessel of Mary Magdelene, his student per her willingness to receive transformation. Her devotion to offer prayers to help humanity in what way she could, in her studies, her practice of the instructions her Rabbi Jesus imparted to her, and her cleansing by Him, brought her to the level of disciple and then on to apostle. It was her choice to receive His compassion he imparted to her and all realms at that time, which united hers and our level of understanding and wisdom, Binah and Chokmah. These blockages in Mary were not only transformed just for her, but were transformed for humanity and all levels of creation as a whole through the thresholds Jesus created and opened during the compassion healing



Listen to “Seventh Blessing” sample tracks

1.  Origin of the Creator – Heb.  [ 4:27 ]

2.  Om Tari Tu Tari Turi Soha – Tibetan  [ 4:58 ]

3.  Namo Quan Shi Yin Pu Sa- Chinese  [ 6:08 ]

4.  Oujai- Egyptian Coptic (Apocalypse of Elijah)  [ 6:02 ]

5.  Eli Eli Eli Eli – Elohim – Heb.   [ 4:41 ]

6.  Hymn to Durga – Sanskrit  [ 2:32 ]

7.  . Khu em Maat – Egyptian Coptic/Heb./Egyptian/Sanskrit/Tibetan/Chinese  [ 5:24  ]

8.  Seven Times Seven – Aramaic [ 7:48 ]

9.  Amazing Grace – Cherokee/Heb.  [ 5:46 ]

10.  Seventh Blessing- Sepher Yetsirah – Heb. [ 7:05 ]

11.   Yo He O – Ehyeh Yah – American Indian/Heb. [ 5:32 ]

12.  Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate – Tibetan   [ 3:02 ]

13.  Rokeb Ba Araboth, Elohim-Hume – Heb./Sanskrit   [ 4:00 ]

14.  Matarata Ve Zohar Matarata – Heb  [ 2:05 ]